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How the Student Health Insurance Plan Helps Students Thrive at Wright State University

Updated: Mar 20

Going to college is a monumental transition. For many students, it means leaving the familiar comforts of high school and moving away from home for the first time. It means more responsibilities, both in and out of the classroom, and less immediate support from loved ones. Academically, socially, and mentally—it’s a doozy.

Helping students adjust to this exciting but admittedly stressful change has long been a priority for administrators at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio. They support their students not only during this transition but well beyond it in a variety of ways. Many, like on-campus welcome events, are expected, but one in particular is less conventional: Wright State University saw Student Health Insurance Plans as an opportunity to help their students thrive on campus. And it’s working.

Through partnering with HUB Campus Health, Wright State University has implemented a comprehensive campus health program that supports the health and overall well-being of its students. Here’s how.

By providing both financial security and academic stability

When students have access to quality health insurance designed specifically with them in mind, they’re less likely to experience disruptions to their academic goals due to illness or injury.

“We’ve seen times when students have something catastrophic happen medically and they’ve had to drop out,” says Chris Taylor, Dean of Students at Wright State University.

Now the school is able to provide support and resources that help students navigate complex medical concerns while balancing other responsibilities. Student insurance helps mitigate out-of-pocket expenses, protecting students from mounting health care bills and accumulating debt that would place undue stress on both their academic and financial situations.

Because HUB Campus Health negotiates directly with insurance providers on behalf of Wright State University, the school is able to provide one of the lowest-cost programs in the state of Ohio, a huge benefit for their students. And since access is one of the most important parts of a successful student health insurance plan, HUB Campus Health has helped Wright State University develop and implement tools that educate students on their health insurance benefits and, most importantly, how to take advantage of them.

By making comprehensive health services more accessible

In many cases, college students live away from home while they’re in school, which means it’s likely they live in a different city or even state than the parents or guardians who typically manage their health care. Students are often unfamiliar and uncomfortable with tasks like scheduling doctor’s visits, ordering and picking up medications, and interpreting plans of care. Empowering newly independent students to seek the health care they need and enabling them to do so conveniently and affordably is a huge part of building a campus that values and promotes health and wellness.

Wright State University understood that in order to make students feel comfortable seeking medical attention, especially for sensitive subjects like mental health concerns, they needed to bring the health care to them. One of the ways they have done this is through Togetherall, a program that allows students to receive mental health counseling over the phone. Through other telehealth options, students can also meet with health care providers virtually from the comfort of their home at a time that fits their schedule.

These add-ons offer a tremendous benefit to Wright State University students. And thanks to negotiations managed by HUB Campus Health, they were added to the school’s comprehensive health plan at little to no additional cost.

“Insurance is such a complicated thing,” Taylor says. Having HUB Campus Health as a partner to advocate for Wright State University has helped minimize costs while incorporating additional benefits, which Taylor says is “a great deal for our students.”

By helping students manage chronic conditions

For some students, college is not a totally fresh start. Some bring chronic illness, previous injuries, and other ongoing conditions with them to campus right along with their favorite t-shirts and gaming consoles. Other students might develop the types of conditions that become long-term concerns, like anxiety or depression, throughout the course of their campus experience.

For these students, having access to consistent, affordable health care is crucial to managing their health in a way that continues to promote their overall well-being and helps them achieve their goals.

Wright State University is just one of many academic institutions HUB Campus Health partners with to provide cost-effective solutions that keep their students healthy and thriving. See how we helped this university lower costs and increase support for their students through a comprehensive student health program.

At HUB Campus Health, we champion bold innovations and offer customized health plans, resources, and tools designed to improve the overall health and well-being of your students. Together, we can offer the holistic support students need to thrive on campus and succeed in life. To get started, visit our Campus Health webpage to fill out a simple contact form or get in touch with Phillip Arrington, Vice President of HUB Campus Health, at

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