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What Our Clients Say

"HUB Campus has developed a unique approach to incentivize college and university campuses to develop solutions tailored to the needs of the students. Quality health care resources driven by cost containment offers a proven approach that is distinctive, trusted and unique."

Lynnette M. Heard, M.Ed Senior Consultant Governing Borad of Universities and Colleges


Miami University serves approximately 25,000 students annually. Like most campuses, they require all full-time students to provide proof of medical insurance.  When students do not have adequate medical coverage, the burden falls on the entire community. Recognizing the importance of adequate health care and the need for action by students each year, the University began working with HUB in 2015 to build a process that reduced burden on the University and community, while creating value for the students. 


Since 2015, Student Insurance enrollment has increased over 300% through new technology, communication and University collaboration.  ​​

Ohio University serves approximately 25,000 students annually. Facing a substantial increase to the student premium, Ohio University anticipated a negative impact on students and were concerned about the long-term stability of the student health plan. The university recognized the need for a benefit consultant and elected to partner with HUB Campus Health Solutions as the trusted advisor for the 23-24 academic year.​


Through HUB’s data analytics platform, cost containment solutions and implementation support, Ohio University successfully reduced renewal costs and improved their long-term plan stability. 

Wright State Univeristy serves approximately 11,000 students annually and chose to partner with HUB in the summer of 2020.​ Faced with decreasing enrollment and increasing plan rates in their student health insurance plan,​Wright State University worked with HUB to implement an insurance requirement for the first time ​and achieved the desired result.​ Wright State University wanted to ensure their students had access to quality, affordable healthcare while pursuing their degree. ​

Through HUB’s stakeholder coordination, communication planning, and implementation support, Wright State successfully instituted an insurance requirement that provided plan stabilization and secured robust benefits for current and future generations of students.​

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