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Our Team.

HUB Campus Health Solutions Team works with colleges and universities to evaluate the current student health insurance offering and provide guidance and recommendations for strategies to lower costs, improve benefits and drive engagement. Our team will assist in the implementation and communication of the program and the waiver administration process. 

Our team takes a total campus view and approach to align benefits and resources with the institution’s overall goals and objectives while assisting with comprehensive campus wellness solutions to include the full student population including those electing the student insurance plan. Reporting, insights, and recommended solutions are provided on terms set forth by the University and HUB. 

Our Expertise.


Partnering with us puts you at the center of a vast network of dedicated experts in insurance consulting and risk management, providing tailored solutions and unrelenting advocacy. With more than 16,000 employees in offices located throughout North America, HUB’s vast network of specialists brings clarity to a changing world. 


We bring a wide-range of skills and expertise including Analytics, Compliance, Student Advocacy & Engagement, Health Management, and Innovation.  This ensures that your university’s needs are being met and your students understand and value their Student Health Plan. 


So you’re ready for tomorrow.


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