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Phillip Arrington

Expert Spotlight

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“When I’m asked if I work in insurance or technology I say I work in Student Health.  I’ve spent my career providing solutions to the Student Health market for the benefit of students.” 

Phillip is a critical contributor - optimizing the client experience and driving strategic market growth across the country. He brings more than 10 years of experience in the student health industry, including experience working at various student health carriers and technology companies. Most recently Phillip helped launch innovative solutions at Anthem Student Advantage.

Phillip earned a Bachelor of Business Administration at The University of West Florida and resides with his family in San Diego, CA. 

Our Client


Wright State’s goal when it comes to student health insurance was to offer a robust, affordable health insurance plan that has comprehensive benefits, great customer service and a vast network of providers, inclusive of a partnership with Wright State Physicians. 

With access to affordable coverage, students can focus on their classwork and other elements of campus life instead of worrying about how to get and pay for the care they need. When campuses prioritize their students’ health, the students in turn, will feel empowered to as well.

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Wright State University

"HUB has helped us from the very beginning. They are experts and able to negotiate with carriers on our behalf. IT has been a most valuable partnership."

- Nancy Cauup, Student Health Insurance Program Coordinator

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